Get Your Ford Trade-In Value in Sioux Falls, SD

Get An Estimated Appraisal Of Your Trade-In's Value

Many of the drivers across Sioux Falls who visit us are looking to either sell or trade in their old vehicle. That can be a hassle to do on your own, particularly if you've never done it before. You have to find a buyer, haggle about prices, and jump through various hoops to do so. When you work with our team though, the process is straightforward and simple -- we will buy your vehicle for a price that is commensurate with its quality.

How do you know how much your vehicle is worth, though? With our easy-to-use online tool, you can estimate the value of your vehicle with ease. Then, with this information, you can either prepare to sell your car or adjust your budget accordingly. No matter if you are visiting from Mitchell or Harrisburg, our team would be proud to assist you. 

Should I Trade In Or Sell My Vehicle?

There are many reasons why you might want to consider trading in your vehicle. Some people like to get cash in exchange for their car, but many others in the Sioux Falls area want to drive away with a new vehicle in exchange for their old one. Either way, we are happy to help you. Read on to learn about what vehicle trade-ins are and find out what you need to know about the process of trading in your old vehicle. We also describe some of the benefits of trading in with us compared to selling your car to a private buyer. This is a personal choice that varies between drivers. However, there are different things you can expect with both of these options. Depending on your needs and your budget, either could be a good option. 

  • Trade In: If you choose to trade in your vehicle, you can enjoy a reduced price when you are buying a new car. That's because you can use your trade-in's value toward the purchase of a new Ford model, making it even easier and more cost-effective to invest in one. If you know you want to buy a new car, trading is likely the best option to consider.

  • Selling Your Car Outright: If you are not sure if you want to buy a new car, or if you know you don't want to, selling your vehicle can be a more advantageous choice. Not only does it allow you to easily sell your car and get a quality price for it, but you can also walk away without concern. There is also no obligation for you to buy a car when you sell us your old vehicle.

What Does it Mean to Trade-In Your Vehicle?

Trading in your vehicle is a process that allows you to give your current vehicle to a dealer in exchange for a new one. You sell your car to the dealer, and its value is applied toward the cost of whichever new car you choose. This can help reduce your total loan amount and monthly payments. You also have the option to receive the value of the vehicle as a check if you need a lump sum.

When is the Best Time to Trade-In Your Vehicle?

People choose to trade in their vehicles for different reasons, so there may not be one best time for everyone. You might decide to trade in your car because your family, lifestyle, or financial situation is changing. For example, you might be starting a new job that involves a longer commute, so you'd like something that's more fuel-efficient, or you may need additional passenger seating for a new member of your household. 

You may choose to wait to trade in your vehicle when you have positive equity, meaning that the amount the car is worth is greater than the amount you owe on it. If your vehicle has a seasonal appeal, you can trade it in when it's in higher demand to maximize the amount you can get for it. A good example would be a convertible, which you might find easier to sell in the summertime than in the colder months.

Your Why Should You Trade In Your Car With Us?

We are proud of our customer service, and we'll work hard to make the trade-in process as smooth as possible for you. The great thing about trading in your vehicle instead of selling to a private buyer is that we can take care of the paperwork. Our friendly, professional staff here at Sioux Falls Ford will ensure everything is done correctly so you can focus on picking out your perfect vehicle.

We're a one-stop shop with the experience and expertise to eliminate the stress of filling out the necessary documents and filing them with the DMV. This makes the process as efficient and hassle-free as possible so you only have to think about what color and features you'd like for your next car.

If you're interested, you can drive up in one vehicle and drive out in another on the same visit. Selling to a private buyer usually takes much longer, and it can be more of a hassle since you have to deal with advertising, negotiating, and completing the paperwork. With a vehicle trade-in, there's no listing, no talking to a series of prospective buyers, and no meeting strangers for a test drive.

YourHow to Trade In Your Vehicle in Sioux Falls, SD

Trading in your vehicle with us is a straightforward process - just drive in for a no-obligation appraisal. We'll review your vehicle's condition and let you know how much it's worth. We're happy to take a look at any make or model. If you agree to our offer, we can proceed with the trade-in. You should gather the appropriate paperwork before you sell your vehicle, including the service records and title. It can also be a good idea to clean your car and make any cost-effective repairs to help boost your trade-in value.

Your What Is Your Car Trade-In Worth? 

Several price estimators are freely available, such as Kelley Blue Book and Consumer Reports. These can give you a general estimate of your car's value. You can also use our online value calculator to get an idea of what price to expect. When you come in to see us, we can provide you with the exact value of the car.

Information such as the vehicle make and model, odometer reading, manufacturer upgrades, and even color can influence the value of your trade-in. Some types of vehicles hold value better than others. Those with a lower mileage also tend to hold a higher value compared to the same vehicle with a higher mileage. Your car's accident and maintenance history can also affect its value. 

Your Can You Trade in Your Car if You Still Owe Money on it? 

Yes, you can trade in your vehicle if you still owe money on it. This is called negative equity, which means the amount you still owe for the car is greater than its appraised value. You can trade in a vehicle with negative equity, and it simply means that there won't be any value to apply toward the cost of your new car. Instead, you may need to pay the remaining balance or add the extra amount to the total price of your new vehicle. 

For example, if you owe $8,000 on a car that is valued at $10,000, we might add the remaining $2,000 balance to your new car loan. This is different from positive equity, where you might owe, for example, $5,000 on a car valued at $12,000. In that case, the $7,000 difference could be applied toward your new vehicle, reducing the total cost or expanding your options to include more expensive models.

If you're interested in trading in your vehicle, please feel free to contact us when you're ready. We'll be happy to talk to you about your current vehicle and take a look at it. If you're satisfied with our offer, we can start the process of getting you into a new car right away.

Ready for a Test Drive?

If you would like to learn more about our selection of vehicles, or if you have any questions about selling or trading in your vehicle, we invite you to visit us at Sioux Falls Ford Lincoln, serving drivers across Luverne and Brandon. Our team would be proud to help answer all of your questions, and to assist you with your specific vehicle-related needs.

We look forward to assisting you with all of your vehicle-related needs.