5 Tire Tips for Winter In Sioux Falls and South Dakota

As drivers throughout Sioux Falls and beyond know, when it snows here in South Dakota, it snows a lot. It’s not uncommon to wake up with a few feet of the white stuff on the ground. Now in the midst of winter, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is prepared for the open road. That is why we have compiled five simple tips for handling winter in your Ford vehicle.

#5: Get Winter Tires

This may seem like an obvious recommendation; however, it cannot be overstated how important winter tires are. Not only are they specifically designed to handle the cold weather with ease, but they also aid you by providing better traction on snow and ice specifically.

#4: Get Your Alignment Checked

Your alignment is another important factor in your driving experience. If it’s not attended to, your vehicle can be harmed and your driving experience will be unsafe. That is why getting your alignment checked out is vital.

#3: Check Your Tire Pressure

When the air gets colder, your tire pressure will naturally drop. Because of that, you will want to check and make sure your tires are inflated throughout the winter, so that you can get the traction you need.

#2: Add Distance Between You and the Driver Ahead

This is especially important if it’s actively snowing or you’re stuck in a squall. Keeping some added distance between you and the driver ahead allows you to have more time to brake when needed, and helps reduce the possibility of a collision.

#1: Don’t Forget to Rotate Your Tires

If you are going to be driving a lot this winter, then you may want to consider getting your tires rotated a lot every few thousand miles. Doing so will help extend their life, and ensure they wear evenly, ensuring that you don’t have one tire that is more worn down than another.

Ready for a Test Drive?

If you would like to learn more about our Ford vehicles, or if you have any questions about winter tire tips, we invite you to visit us at Sioux Falls Ford Lincoln, located in Sioux Falls, SD. Our team would be proud to help you schedule a test drive with your preferred automotive option. We can also help you with all of your maintenance needs.

If you need to bring your vehicle in for service, please feel free to use our online service scheduler, too!

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