Giving Back to the Community | 2017 in 2017 Event

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We reached our goal to sell 2017 new vehicles in 2017, and we want to thank all our customers who helped us reach our goal.  And today, we celebrate an important part to that event – donating all the money that was raised!
2017 was a BIG year for Sioux Falls Ford Lincoln.  Not only did we relocate to a brand new, state-of-the-art facility, but we decided we wanted to celebrate our grand opening with the whole community, in a way that benefited the community!  One of our values at Sioux Falls Ford Lincoln is the Value of Being Good Community Citizens.  We give willingly to and are actively involved in the support of our communities, because they provide us our success.
That is where our 2017 in 2017 Event came from.  While we set a large goal of selling 2017 new vehicles in 2017, we also donated $100 back to the community for EVERY vehicle sold, new and pre-owned.  We reached out to three local charities that have wide-reaching influence in helping people; Avera McKennan Foundation, Ronald McDonald House of SD and Sanford Children’s Hospital.  Each customer who purchased a vehicle got to choose which charity their purchase would benefit.
We had a grand finish by reaching our goal on Friday, December 29th with the last car sold, and ended the year with 2,040 new vehicles sold, and a total donation amount of $101,800!
  • Avera McKennan Foundation:   $32,100
  • Ronald McDonald House of SD:   $32,800
  • Sanford Children’s Hospital:   $36,900

Learn more about the different charities and how the donated money will be used!

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